Rebranding for HR in 2023: Revitalizing Your Image to Attract Top Talent

As the calendar turns to 2023, now is an opportune time for human resources teams to reevaluate and reinvigorate their employer brands. While the job market remains competitive, focusing on a rebranding initiative can help position HR as an innovative function and organization as an employer of choice to connect with today’s talent.

An impactful HR rebrand delivers both internal and external value. By showcasing the latest offerings, strategies and culture, a refreshed brand image serves to excite current employees and appeal to job seekers. Here are five compelling reasons why rebranding should be a priority:

Reflect New Programs & Services

The HR field evolves rapidly, and your brand should reflect new capabilities. Perhaps you’ve introduced diversity, equity and inclusion training, integrated people analytics software, revamped performance management or implemented flexible remote work policies. Updating branding allows you to prominently feature these offerings that set you apart. This demonstrates to prospective talent how you’re driving progress in people management.

Attract & Engage Target Candidate Personas

Workforce demographics and expectations continue to change. Your employer branding and messaging should resonate with the talent you aim to recruit across functions. Focus groups and surveys can provide insights into what will appeal to different cohorts from Gen Z to experienced hires. Refresh recruiting marketing, career sites and job postings to spotlight the programs, culture and growth opportunities that align with candidate priorities today.

Differentiate in a Competitive Market

HR teams are constantly seeking to differentiate. In a crowded marketplace, rebranding presents an opportunity to double down on your unique value proposition as an employer. What makes your approach to people, culture and development special compared to rivals? Clarify your differentiators, whether it’s your leadership development track, DEI focus, learning culture or hybrid policies. Then ensure your branding consistently reinforces what sets you apart.

Modernize an Outdated Image

A stale, outdated brand can make it seem like HR is behind-the-times and not driving strategic impact. But HR can evolve just as quickly as consumer tech and styles. A rebrand signals you’re contemporary, sleek and forward-thinking. Refresh logo, color schemes, imagery, messaging, social presence and other visual touchpoints. Stay on top of marketing and branding trends. Remember, today’s candidates expect a workplace experience as polished as the consumer apps and brands they engage with daily.

Get Employees Excited Again

A reinvigorated employer brand also rallies your internal team around your mission and vision. The marketing boost of refreshed messaging, videos, photos and events reignites passion. Leverage the rebrand to connect employees to company values on a deeper level. Inspire them to become brand ambassadors. This enhances retention and referral rates.


Steps for Launching a Successful Rebrand

Where should HR teams start to undertake a productive 2023 rebrand? Follow these best practices:

Audit Current Brand Perception

Survey both employees and candidates on what first comes to mind when they see your brand. Identify strengths to build upon and any misperceptions to remedy.

Establish Goals & KPIs

Set clear objectives for what the rebrand aims to achieve. Key performance indicators could include application rates, new hire retention, job acceptance rates, employee pride and social media engagement.

Review Brand Messaging

Analyze your current slogan, mission statement, culture codes and other language. Determine what resonates and what requires updating to reflect your priorities.

Assess Visual Brand Identity

Study your logo, color scheme, imagery, typography and other visual components. Decide what refresh is needed to make branding crisp, cohesive and consistent.

Involve Stakeholders

Include HR, recruiting, marketing, executives and employee focus groups in the rebrand process to align on strategy and gather feedback.

Roll Out Thoughtfully

Promote launch internally first. Gradually phase in new branding externally via online channels and job postings. Measure results and iterate.

The new year serves as an opportunity to reinvent employer branding to attract top talent, demonstrate HR innovation and rally your workforce. By investing the time and resources into a comprehensive rebrand, human resources teams can start 2023 off strong and deliver ROI all year long.

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